Law of Guard: Complete Course

Let Jordon take you by the hand and guide you through his proven world class guard system. Whether you’re a white belt, or experienced competitor the hip movement and foot placement is the same. This course is for all levels. You’ll learn the leg drag defense, how to protect your feet, spider guard theory and everything you’ll need to know about the guard. You’ll discover how to pull guard in tournaments, improve grip strength and countless other tips and tricks.

You’ll instantly receive over 30 dowloads, 4 hours of video instruction and a video quick start guide to start your journey! This is a must have course if you compete, or just use the guard in daily training! Learn more and get yours here.

Killer Omo Plata: The Omo Plata Secrets Revealed

Are you doing everything you can with your omo plata, and still not sweeping and tapping your opponents? It may be that you just don’t know all the techniques you need for a high-level omo plata.

You’ll learn the Triangle, 3 arm bars, the re-omo plata, wrist locks and more submissions to defeat the toughest opponents! Killer Omo Plata is close to 90 minutes long and is packed with everything you need to know about the omo plata! Learn more and get yours here.

Platinum Competitors Club: Private Lessons, Virtual Coaching and Video Critique!

For those who want to skyrocket their BJJ game quickly, enjoy having personal coaching with one of todays most creative and medaled American competitors. It’s your time to learn directly from Jordon. Get ready for custom filmed private lessons monthly, Skype calls, video critiques and monthly experimental techniques! Get ready to learn inside secrets that the BJJ elite tightly guard. Learn more and get yours here.



Guard Passing for Competitors: The Radical Approach to Guard Passing!

Ultra-effective guard passing is a must have for todays BJJ competitors.  In this groundbreaking 4 volume DVD Jordon shares over 4 hours of guard passing techniques, details, strategies, and habits that has made his guard passing world class. This jam-packed online DVD guides you easily through the Sao Paulo guard passing and hip rewind system. Learn more and get yours here.

Advanced Lesson– Berimbolo

Have you noticed how quickly BJJ is evolving? The same old strategies aren’t working anymore and it’s your time to learn the Berimbolo Guard. You’ll get instant Access to the Berimbolo techniques that I use in competition. Don’t be afraid of this weird, yet effective guard – learn it today!  Get yours here!





Ultimate Drilling Home Study Package

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a highly complex sport. Do you ever wonder how often you should drill? How many Reps you should do? What techniques you should drill? If you go at it alone drilling can be confusing and you can actually do more harm than good. You’ll get this PHYSICAL DVD shipped straight to your doorstep with 53 drills I used to win the worlds championships. You’ll also receive a 83 page extensive drilling book that answers all your burning questions. As a bonus you get printed drilling charts so you can take action right away. Let me take your drilling to the next level. Get yours today. Limited Stock available.