jordon bjj

Jordon’s dapper jiu jitsu style set him apart from many of his BJJ peers, and his confidence often came across as boastful or even egotistical, albeit amusingly so. This flamboyance, of course, made for good press, something that Schultz enjoyed throughout his early career. Possessing a keenness that belied his age, Schultz came to be a rising young star over the course of late 2010 based on his lethal submission execution. Consciously building up his academy’s BJJ competition reputation he sought to create a BJJ game that was uniquely American.

In early 2012 Schultz relocated to Team Lloyd Irvin, and joined the ranks of the Medal Chasers, one of the most feared and nationally acclaimed teams. Modeled after the olympic training program, the Medal Chaser team is the perfect fit for Schultz who has been publicly criticized for leaving his former team (Alliance). Among jiu-jitsu aficionados, Schultz is revered for his flawless technique and physical dexterity, and his revolutionary approach to teaching the fine art can be discovered inside his highly acclaimed 4 volume DVD series, Guard Passing for Competitors, and Online Course, Law of Guard.

In addition to his accolades in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition, Jordon is a degreed Mechanical Engineer, self proclaimed computer nerd, and loves dogs.

  • 2011 IBJJF World Champion
  • 2012 Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Montreal – 3rd place
  • 2011 IBJJF European 2nd place
  • 2010 IBJJF World Champion
  • 2010 IBJJF Pan Champion, 3rd in Open Class
  • 2009 IBJJF No gi Pans Champion
  • Abu Dhabi Trials 2009 Champion Purple


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