Jordon Schultz BJJ

Seconds After Winning the 2011 Mundial Championships

Meet Jordon Schultz – The timid Engineer turned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Sensation. His goal is to teach BJJ to the world with unconventional methods and he wants to show you how to succeed in BJJ, no matter what level you want to take it to.

He was scared stiff when he quit his job as a Mechanical Engineer to pursue a dream. While his friends, family, and co-workers asked “why?”, he simply said “why not?”.

Jordon is one of the few American competitors to be sponsored by the exclusive Gi Brand, Shoyoroll. Since making BJJ his career, he has been given the honor of working with the sports elite, and he has impacted many lives through his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instruction.

Jordon believes if you have a passion, or a dream that others think is silly, that is the perfect sign that it’s the right thing to do. Follow Jordon as he lives the “why not” life and subscribe to Jordon’s newsletter on the right and get a free BJJ Success tips at the same time!

Jordon has taught seminars and private lessons to hundreds of people worldwide. His instruction is clear, concise and his primary goal is to teach the building blocks to BJJ Success. Whether you’re new to BJJ, or a experienced pro, you’re about to learn the secrets and strategies from a scrawny computer nerd turned two time Mundial Champion.

Jordon has trained and lived among the sports elite and developed a truly unique style of BJJ. Jordon believes anyone can become a BJJ champion through a burning desire, laser focus, extreme persistence and a devoted guide and mentor.

Jordon’s clear and logical Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction will help you build a solid foundation, increase your mat awareness, and win tournaments. He has created many dynamic instructional products and programs designed to approach BJJ instruction from a fresh new angle.

While you’re here why not become a member of Jordon’s Online BJJ Course, Law of Guard. Not only will you receive over 4 hours of the best BJJ instruction, but you’ll have instant access to over 40 downloads including mind-maps, Action Guides, and a unique feedback system. This innovative course was designed by Jordon in an effort to replicate the same highly effective, online-teaching that he received in engineering school.

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